Lawsuit Loans Allow You to Have Access to Your Money Before the Insurance Company Settles

When you’ve been injured in an accident caused by someone else, the insurance company gets in no hurry to settle your claim.  You find yourself facing tough financial issues due to your inability to work, and mounting medical expenses.  Lawsuit loans are designed to help those who need money now, so that they can live normally while waiting on their settlement.  Whether your attorney is in negotiations with the insurance company, attempting to get a fair settlement or you are involved in a jury trial, litigation funding is one option you may want to consider.

What are lawsuit loans?  Although the term implies that you are applying for a loan, it is more of a cash advance against your pending settlement.  You essentially “borrow” against the settlement you expect to receive, then repay the settlement funding company once you receive your money.  Most companies advance approximately 10% of a client’s expected settlement, and you do not repay the “loan” unless you do receive a settlement.  This way, you assume no risk whatsoever.

There are no upfront fees, so you never have to worry about going further in debt in order to obtain an advance.  Lawsuit loans make it possible for you to pay your regular household expenses, medical costs and other obligations so that you can live as you normally would while awaiting your settlement.  Many personal injury cases take months or even longer to settle, putting plaintiffs in a financial bind.  This is when litigation financing is particularly advantageous; you don’t have to settle for whatever the defendant and/or his/her insurance company wants to offer you because of your financial situation.

With lawsuit loans, the process is super-fast so you can have the money you need for bills, groceries, and other expenses usually within 24 hours of being approved.  Your attorney will submit the necessary information, which pertains only to your injury claim and nothing else – no background, credit or employment checks.  Once the litigation funding company determines that you do qualify for an advance, you can get your money almost immediately.

Insurance companies are known for de-valuing victims’ claims, meaning they will work vigorously to pay you less than you deserve.  They certainly get in no hurry to settle your claim, and negotiations between the insurance company and your attorney can be lengthy.  If you find yourself going deeper and deeper into debt while you’re just trying to get what is rightfully yours, consider lawsuit loans.  While litigation funding may not be the right solution in every case, the only way you will know if it would be beneficial for you is to talk to your lawyer and learn more.

Industry, CA Big Rig Accident Leaves Two Women Dead

On March 3rd of this year two women were killed when a big rig crashed through a center divider on an Industry, California freeway and ended up on the wrong side of the freeway according to authorities.

The accident happened at about 1:40 in the morning as the big rig made its way from the transition road on southbound San Gabriel (605) Freeway to the westbound 60 Freeway when the rig crashed through the median.  The truck collided with a silver Nissan Sentra, setting it on fire and trapping the two females inside according to Francisco Villalobos, a California Highway Patrol Officer.

Several motorists left their cars and tried to assist the women who appeared to be in their late 40′s.  The women were reportedly sisters.  Drivers attempted to pull the two women from the car unsuccessfully, and according to Villalobos they were pronounced dead at the scene.  The driver of the big rig was not seriously injured, but was transported to a hospital for treatment of minor injuries suffered in the crash.

It took over 7 hours for the wreckage and other debris to be removed from the road, and investigators examined the scene before lanes were reopened at approximately 8:30 a.m.  At the time of the crash, it was not known what caused the big rig to crash through the median.

While it isn’t known whether the driver was at fault in the crash or exactly what happened to cause the big rig to plow through the center median, it is tragic that two sisters who were still young lost their lives in the wreckage.

Speed could have been a factor, or the driver may have lost control, fallen asleep at the wheel or even been overly tired and not alert until it was too late.  There are many things that can come in to play in an accident involving a big truck, but all too often those in smaller vehicles pay the price, either through serious injuries or even death, just as this tragedy proved.

There are many safe drivers of big rigs on the road, but there are just as many who are careless.  Big trucks are dangerous, and often cause catastrophic accidents.

If you or a loved one have been injured in an Semi or 18 wheeler accident caused by a big rig, contact the O’Connor Law Firm of Kansas City, Missouri

An Arlington Drug Possession Lawyer is Key to a Favorable Outcome For Those Charged With Drug Possession

In Virginia, drug possession is a serious criminal offense which may leave the accused facing severe penalties if convicted.  An Arlington drug possession lawyer will work vigorously to defend your legal rights and obtain the best possible outcome, so that damage to your life is minimized.  Without the benefit of a skilled drug possession attorney in Arlington, you may be facing monetary fines, jail or prison time, a criminal record and more, depending on the circumstances and your criminal history.

It’s likely that you have many questions if you have been arrested for possession of marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, or even certain prescription drugs such as morphine.  Will you go to jail, or lose your driver’s license?  A compassionate Arlington drug possession attorney will answer all of your questions, and provide effective legal guidance.  Your lawyer will also work to build a strong defense strategy if it becomes necessary to go to court.

In Virginia, the seriousness of the offense you are accused of committing partially determines the consequences you face.  There are five schedules under the Drug Control Act; depending on which schedule the drug you have been arrested for possessing falls into, the offense may be classified as a misdemeanor, or as a felony.  Felony charges typically incur harsher penalties if convicted.  Your Arlington drug possession lawyer can explain these schedules as well as what you may be facing.  He or she will also work with you to develop the best course of legal action.

A conviction for possession of any drug can leave you with a criminal record, which will have a negative impact on employment, possibly even ruining your career.  However, skilled Arlington drug possession attorneys know that you must be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt by prosecutors.  While it is easier for a prosecutor to prove guilt if illegal or prescription drugs are found on your person, his job becomes much more difficult if the drugs are found in your home or car, instead of in a pocket or purse.  No matter what the situation, an experienced drug possession lawyer in Arlington will challenge the evidence and analyze the prosecutor’s case for any weaknesses that may be to your advantage.

No matter what drug you have been charged with possession of, it is critical that you consult with a trusted Fairfax drug possession attorney, who will aggressively fight the charges and work to have them either dismissed or reduced.  Protect your career, freedom and future by making the right decision and contacting a reputable lawyer.

Missouri Construction Accident Lawyers Also Help Victims’ Families

It’s no secret that construction can be dangerous work, and construction workers get injured on the job all the time. For most of these cases, workers receive workers’ compensation benefits, and they might also receive third party lawsuit funds if it’s found that faulty equipment caused the malfunction that caused the injury.

What gets lost in the shuffle with this is that not all construction accidents result in mere injury to the victim. Victims can be killed on the job, too, which can leave families in dire straits both emotionally and financially. This is where Missouri construction accident lawyers can help.

No lawyer can completely ease your pain if you are someone who’s been left behind because of a construction accident that took a loved one’s life. However, you can at least get the compensation you deserve as a survivor; not only can you perhaps receive compensation and benefits from the employer as would usually occur with an accident that was survivable, but you may also be able to receive benefits that speak to the loss of comfort and companionship provided by your loved one. Finally, there’s also the practical and real possibility that you may now face very real dire financial circumstances due to the loss of your loved one’s income.

Let your lawyer go to bat for you

You’ve got a lot to handle during this time, and Kansas City construction accident lawyers are experts at the negotiations you may not be fully prepared for even in the best of times. Remember, while employers and insurance companies may sound sympathetic to you, what they really want to do is to protect their own bottom line; whether you get your life back on track really does not concern them.

Kansas City, MO construction accident lawyers are professionals with these types of negotiations; an attorney is not trying to handle a very disastrous situation during a very emotional time as you are, so he/she has the capability to handle these negotiations in an objective, fair, effective and professional manner. They will not be swayed by insurance companies’ or other involved parties’ manipulations, and they will get you the money you deserve so that you can take care of your situation.

Best of all, you do not have to pay construction accident lawyers up front. They will take your case on contingency, meaning that you don’t pay unless you win. Don’t let financial concerns stop you from getting the help you need. If you lose your case, you’ll owe nothing; you only pay if you win. Protect your rights and make sure you hire a skilled construction accident attorney in MO to take care of you and make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

When Do You Need a Kansas City DUI Lawyer?

Many people make the mistake of not hiring a lawyer when they are arrested for driving under the influence.  DUI is a criminal offense that can impact your life and future in many ways.  A reputable Kansas City DUI lawyer can protect your future and reputation, and often have the charges against you dropped so that you will not have a criminal record.

When do you need a Kansas City DUI attorney?  The minute you are arrested.  The more questions you answer and the more information you give to police officers, the more you are incriminating yourself.  Do not speak to anyone other than to state your name and address.  The old saying “everything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law” is absolutely true.

Whether you are guilty or innocent, a skilled Kansas City criminal defense lawyer knows how to use the DUI laws to your advantage.  It must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that you are in fact guilty.  An aggressive attorney will question whether the arresting officer followed proper protocol, why you were pulled over, and whether breath test results can be trusted.  Law enforcement is quick to jump on any suspicion of drinking and driving today due to the increased stigma attached to this offense.

The fines and other penalties attached to a DUI conviction are severe.  In order to protect your driving privileges and avoid jail time, you must make certain that you choose a Kansas City DUI attorney who is highly specialized in this field and who has a winning track record.  Some lawyers are simply not experienced enough in this aspect of the law to offer you a strong defense.

There are many things that may affect the outcome of your case.  Is it your first offense?  Did you refuse to take a breath test?  Depending on the circumstances, you may be required to complete a Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program in order to have your drivers license reinstated.  Having a criminal offense on your record will not look good to either potential employers or your current employer.

You want to avoid being convicted of driving under the influence if at all possible.  It is imperative that you consult with a knowledgeable Kansas City DUI lawyer if you have been charged with driving under the influence.  Never assume that you should just plead guilty and suffer the consequences.

Hire a Skilled Fairfax DWI Defense Lawyer to Protect You From Harsh Penalties

In the state of Virginia, driving while intoxicated is an offense that is taken very seriously.  Even on a first offense, a conviction could leave you facing fines of as much as $2,500, loss of your driving privileges for up to one year, and a requirement to attend an alcohol education program.  Besides the penalties, a trusted Fairfax DWI defense lawyer knows that a conviction can affect your reputation, career, even your family.  This is why it is urgent that you consult with an attorney as soon as you are arrested, and do not talk to police or anyone else without legal representation.

Driving while intoxicated was not considered the serious offense it is today a decade or two ago.  Today, lawmakers and the general public frown on drunk driving, and work diligently to punish those who commit the crime.  While Fairfax DWI defense attorneys certainly do not condone driving while under the influence of alcohol, they do believe that those arrested deserve a second chance, particularly when it is a first offense.  As humans, we all make mistakes – and often regret them after the fact.

Even if you are guilty of the charges against you, it does not mean that you should take the punishment.  By securing the services of a skilled Fairfax DWI defense attorney, you can fight the charges with skill and expertise on your side.  Lawyers who focus on this area of the law know that there are many defenses that can be used on behalf of an individual arrested for DWI, and that often the charges can be beat.  At the very least, your DWI defense lawyer in Fairfax will work to get the charges reduced, so that the damaging impact to your life is minimized.

Employers frown on hiring an individual who has a criminal record, which you will have if convicted on charges of DWI.  Should you decide that you can represent yourself and not go to the expense of hiring a lawyer, you will likely find that you pay the price in terms of loss of your freedom, your reputation, even your job.  An aggressive Fairfax DWI defense lawyer will work hard to build a strong defense on your behalf.  Your attorney will pose tough questions to police regarding your arrest, challenge results of breath and blood tests, and analyze the evidence in order to determine a way to challenge it in court.  You must be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, which is what your attorney will attempt to prevent.

What if you were arrested and are innocent?  In this situation, it is imperative that you discuss your case with a competent Fairfax DWI defense attorney, as law officials certainly will not take your word for it.  They will prosecute you just as vigorously as they would an individual who is guilty of the charges leveled against him or her.  Regardless of your circumstances, do the smart thing by consulting with a dedicated Fairfax DWI attorney at once.

How a Kansas City DUI Lawyer Can Protect Your Freedom and Reputation

When you are charged with driving under the influence, you may not have a thorough understanding of how it can impact your life.  A competent Kansas City DUI lawyer will tell you that this is a criminal offense that you do not want to be convicted of!  Today, the implications of driving under the influence are becoming more severe.  As the subject gets coverage in the media frequently, more and more people rally for stronger laws – which means you may be facing much more than you bargained for.

A compassionate Kansas City DUI lawyer knows that everyone deserves a second chance, and the good people often find themselves in bad situations.  One thing a reputable attorney will advise you of is never to make statements to police officers, or offer any information.  Even though police will try to convince you otherwise, anything you say will be used against you.

How does a conviction for driving under the influence impact your life?  Besides losing your driving privileges, you will likely face stiff fines and possible jail time, depending on whether you have prior convictions.  Your auto insurance rates may increase substantially, and you will likely have to attend DUI school.  If you thought that driving under the influence would only get you a slap on the hand, think again.  You need a Kansas City DUI lawyer with experience, one who can either have charges against you dropped, or build a vigorous defense to protect your freedom and future.

You may not realize it now, but being convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances can affect your ability to find work or keep your current job.  An aggressive Kansas City DUI lawyer will challenge any and all evidence brought against you, and question the validity of tests that were performed, also viewing video tapes of the stop if there are any.  He will examine every detail to ensure that he secures the best possible outcome on your behalf.

If you have been charged with driving under the influence, don’t waste any time.  The sooner you contact an experienced Kansas City DUI lawyer, the sooner he can determine the best course of action to take to protect your future.  An attorney with in-depth knowledge of the laws regarding DUI knows how to use those laws to your advantage.

Don’t Take Charges of DWI Lightly – Why You Need a Fairfax DWI Defense Lawyer

When you are charged with driving while intoxicated in Virginia, you may be facing serious penalties/punishment if convicted.  Do you really need a Fairfax DWI defense lawyer on your side?  Absolutely.  Whether you are innocent or guilty, a capable attorney knows how to challenge the evidence against you in order to secure a better outcome.  Without a DWI attorney in Fairfax to represent your legal rights, you may be facing hefty monetary fines, jail time, a black mark on your criminal record and loss of your driving rights.

While no lawyer can guarantee that he/she can have the charges against you dismissed, it is to your benefit to have a capable and experienced Fairfax DWI attorney to provide legal guidance.  There are numerous technical and legal defenses that a lawyer may use to protect his or her client, so that serious penalties may be avoided.  Even if you were drinking before getting behind the wheel, you do not have to admit guilt.  In fact, a capable Fairfax DWI lawyer will advise you not to admit to anything, and not to answer questions or offer any information to police without the presence of an attorney.

In the state of Virginia, DWI is taken very seriously.  You may assume that if you are guilty, you must plead guilty.  This is not the case; in fact, there are frequently mitigating circumstances in which you may be proven innocent, even if you did have a few drinks prior to driving.  Police may have pulled you over for no reason, or results of breath/field sobriety tests may not be reliable.  The consequences for those convicted have steadily gotten worse over the years, as the media, MADD and society in general have taken a tough stance against those who drink and get behind the wheel.  Your best chance for avoiding harsh penalties and a ruined reputation is to have a capable Fairfax DWI attorney represent you.

What will you face if convicted on charges of driving while intoxicated?  Depending upon the jurisdiction and circumstances, you may be required to double the minimum automobile liability insurance coverage limits, on top of paying a fine, serving jail time, attending classes regarding alcohol education and having your license suspended.  Many employers frown on a criminal record, so your job may even be at risk.  Do not face DWI charges without the skill and support of a compassionate Fairfax DWI defense attorney.

Even upstanding citizens make mistakes, and no one is perfect.  Whether you are a teacher, nurse, retail store clerk or even an attorney, it is important that you contact a reputable DWI defense attorney in Fairfax who will work vigorously to protect your legal rights and freedom.

Defective Product Injuries Require the Skills of a Capable Missouri Attorney

When you have been injured due to faulty mechanisms or defects in automobiles, household appliances or even toys, you need the expertise and skills of a Kansas City defective products attorney.  In most people’s minds, injuries occur in car accidents, slip and fall incidents or are work related.  As a team of experienced NY defective product lawyers, we know that you can become injured in ways you never dreamed possible when you least expect it.

Car, appliance and toy manufacturers, even tire companies occasionally have products with design defects.  When instructions are not clear or there are improper warnings in regards to a potential hazard, you have a right to compensation if you become injured.  As a highly skilled Kansas City, MO defective products attorney law firm, we know that people are injured every day when a tire blows out, a small piece of a toy breaks off, or a household appliance malfunctions.

Naturally, most people assume that when they purchase a product it is safe for use – and it should be.  When innocent people are injured at work using industrial machines, or even tractors, forklifts and other equipment, it takes thorough and often intensive investigation to reveal the source of the problem.  A compassionate defective product attorney with decades of experience works aggressively to uncover the truth and obtain the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Most of us don’t think about how easy it is to receive an injury even from the most common of items, such as bicycles, machinery, tires and tire rims.  The fact is, nearly any product can cause injuries, some severe.  No doubt you have heard in the news over the years about recalls related to baby cribs, car seats and even strollers.  Everywhere you look, there is the potential for injury from defective or unsafe products.  When the injury happens to you or a family member, you need the guidance and skills of a qualified defective product attorney.

There are three categories in which defective products can be placed; manufacturing defects, marketing defects (insufficient warning labels or instructions) and design defects.  No matter which applies in your situation, you deserve full compensation when the accident is through no fault of your own.  A caring and capable team of Kansas City personal injury lawyers will ensure that you get all that you deserve.

Lawsuit Loans Offer Immediate Financial Relief

When you have been injured in an accident and find yourself facing what appears to be a long legal battle, lawsuit loans offer the immediate financial relief you may need.  Until you are injured, you never realize the impact it has on every area of your life.  Not only are you facing steep medical expenses, you may be unable to work, therefore your income has come to a halt.  Litigation financing is a way to face your legal battles and live normally, without having to worry about financial devastation or bankruptcy.

Although the phrase ‘lawsuit loans‘ implies that you are getting a loan if approved, it is actual a cash advance against your pending settlement.  There are no upfront or out-of-pocket expenses involved; the litigation funding company will review your case to see if your lawsuit merits an advance.  This information is all submitted by your attorney, and pertains only to your lawsuit so there are no credit or employment checks to worry about.  If you do qualify, you can expect to receive your money quickly, usually within 24 hours.

How much money may you be advanced?  It depends upon how much you expect to be awarded when you receive your settlement.  If you expect to win $500,000, you may be advanced $50,000.  Generally speaking, with lawsuit loans you can expect an advance of about 10% of your expected settlement.  Most litigation funding companies advance anywhere from a few hundred dollars to $250,000 or more.

How will you repay the advance?  Litigation financing companies charge a fee for their service, but you will not be required to repay the advance or the fees until you have your money.  In the event that you do not win your lawsuit, you pay nothing.  Lawsuit loans are non-recourse, which means you owe nothing if for any reason you are not awarded a settlement.  When you do win, you repay the funding company at the time you receive your money, or through your payments if you have a structured settlement.

Lawsuit loans can be used to pay medical bills, household expenses, attorney fees and more.  Instead of struggling financially and being under undue stress for months while waiting for your settlement, you can pay your bills and put financial worry behind you, so that you can concentrate on winning your lawsuit.  Speak with your attorney about settlement funding today, it may be just the solution to your financial needs.