Does Hiring a Kansas City DUI Attorney Really Make Any Difference?

Many people mistakenly assume that when they are arrested for driving under the influence, they may as well pay the fine and go on with it.  If only it were that easy!  What you may find yourself facing if you are ever arrested for DUI is steep fines, possible jail time, a criminal record, loss of your driving privileges and a ruined reputation.  Do you need a DUI attorney in Kansas City on your side?  Absolutely, unequivocally YES.

Driving under the influence is a serious criminal offense, one that is not taken lightly in Kansas City.  Penalties become more harsh all the time.  Even if it is your first offense, you need the skills of a dedicated Kansas City DUI lawyer who is willing to fight for you.  You may find yourself paying steep fines and you will lose your driving privileges if you fail to file an appeal in a timely manner.  Jail time and drunk driving school are other possibilities.  Many people do not realize that when someone is convicted on drunk driving charges, they have a criminal record.

Just because you were charged with driving under the influence does not automatically make you guilty.  In fact, you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  Many people choose a plea agreement simply to avoid the whole process of going to court.  A reputable Kansas City DUI attorney can direct you on the best way to proceed, and represent you in court should things go in that direction.

Effective legal counsel can often result in reduced penalties.  While the ultimate goal is to have the charges against you dropped, a qualified Kansas City DUI attorney will work aggressively for the best possible outcome, whatever it may be.  A skilled attorney recognizes that law enforcement is not always right, and challenges the evidence brought against you.  Were the results of the breath test reliable, and did the police officer have cause to pull you over?  If there are tapes of the stop, a competent lawyer will scrutinize those as well in order to glean any information that may be to your advantage.

With each subsequent conviction for driving under the influence penalties become more serious.  Whether it is your first offense or your fourth, it is imperative that you consult with a compassionate Kansas City DUI attorney at once.  If charges cannot be dropped, the damage and impact to your life and future can often be significantly reduced.

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