Hire a Fairfax Traffic Defense Lawyer – a Traffic Offense is Serious Business

Most people do not consider traffic infractions serious – but they are, in fact, very serious.  Speeding, reckless driving, causing an accident, failing to stop at a stop sign or stop light, even failing to signal.  All of these things could lead to serious penalties, which is why you need a skilled Fairfax traffic defense lawyer if you are charged with an offense.

You’ve been issued a speeding ticket; you were speeding, so you decide to just pay the ticket and go on about life.  The fact is, when you pay the ticket you are essentially admitting your guilt.  This means that you could have demerit points assigned to your driving record, and your insurance rates will likely increase.  Serious offenses could even mean the loss of your license.  It is important that you consult with an experienced Fairfax traffic defense attorney right away when you’ve been charged with any offense.

In many cases, an individual who is issued a ticket feels that he/she is innocent of the charges.  Under these circumstances, it is critical that you consult with a qualified attorney who will investigate the details and challenge the charges.  Police officers do make mistakes; do not simply assume that they are right, and you are wrong.

Reckless driving is particularly serious; if you are found to have been drinking or under the influence of illegal drugs in conjunction with reckless driving, the consequences are severe.  Substantial fines, possible jail time and a permanent criminal record are just some of the things you may face.  A capable traffic defense attorney in Fairfax will work diligently to ensure the best possible outcome on your behalf.

While it may seem that there would be no defense when it comes to speeding and other traffic offenses, there are situations in which your attorney can provide a strong defense.  Your speedometer may not have been working properly, or radar detection equipment used by police may not be calibrated correctly.  Perhaps you were only going 5 miles over the speed limit, and don’t feel you deserve a ticket.  There are many situation in which it is to your benefit to consult with a Fairfax traffic defense lawyer.

Whether you have been involved in an accident that you are charged with causing, been ticketed for speeding or reckless driving, or any other violation, it is essential that you protect your legal rights.  If you possess a CDL license and driving is the source of your income, your future is in jeopardy.  Regardless of the situation, consult with a trusted Fairfax traffic defense attorney – and do not wait.

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