Essential Safety Measures for Those Working in The Construction Industry

Construction sites are some of the most dangerous working environments in the world today.  Whether you work in building construction, road construction or some other form, it is essential that safety precautions be taken to prevent potentially serious or even fatal injuries.  While you can never prevent 100% of accidents from occurring, following a few simple rules will help lessen the risk of injuries.

First, it is important to know how many construction site accident occur.  There are many risks involved in working on a construction site that may include:

Scaffolding and ladders that are not secured or secured improperly

Lack of attention when operating equipment like forklifts, dump trucks and cranes

Lack of protection gear to help prevent falls for workers working at high levels

Old or faulty equipment and equipment that is not properly maintained

Workers fail to wear proper ear and eye protection

Digging up power lines during excavation or hitting live electrical wires overhead

While these are certainly not all of the risks or causes of construction site accidents, they do give you an idea of what all can happen when someone is simply doing their job.  Every year, thousands of construction workers are seriously or fatally injured.  What can be done to reduce the frequency of accidents, and their severity?

Power tools and heavy equipment must be serviced and properly maintained on a consistent basis

Hard hats, goggles, eye and ear protection, safety harnesses and other gear must be worn according to the job being performed

Contractors and subcontractors should take responsibility not only in creating a safe work environment, but in hiring workers with good safety records

Above all else, contractors should ensure that all construction workers are properly trained in accordance with the tools and equipment they will be using to perform their jobs

While there is no way to completely prevent accidents on construction sites, these measures will dramatically increase the frequency and severity of injuries sustained while working on these sites.

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