A Kansas City Traffic Violations Attorney Can Save Your License

Traffic accidents happen. This is well known by anyone who watches the evening news at least once a week. What might not be so well known is that these accidents are a major cause of deaths each year. Also, this is why the insurance rates for drivers is climbing every year. The more drivers on the road, the more potential there is for accidents to happen. Should you be in an accident, you will want the help of a Kansas City traffic violations attorney at your side immediately, because you will need to know many things for your day in court. Your traffic violations attorney can be incredibly helpful to you for this and for the preparation of your case. The insurance company of the opposing driver will definitely be present, wanting to pin the fault of the accident on you. It makes sense that someone knowledgeable should be there looking out for your interests as well.

Also, if you have received a speeding ticket, it is very important for you to know that:

  • Your license will be noted and points will be posted and will remain with you for the next three years
  • Each speeding ticket you receive will continue accumulating points
  • If the points on your license reaches a certain amount, you will have your license revoked (taken from you)
  • Your insurance rates will go up
  • You will have to show up in court on a certain day
  • A fine will be charged to you

A speeding ticket for a regular licensed driver is bad, but can be catastrophic for a driver who holds a CDL (commercial driver’s license), whether or not the driver is doing so commercially at that moment

Now that you understand a simple speeding ticket is not so simple, you may wish to consider seeking help from a Kansas City attorney. There are many nuances in traffic court and your traffic attorney can help you. If you stand alone, you stand the chance of serious repercussions.

The opposing counsel will do all he can to make you guilty for the violation and receive as much of a fine from you as he possibly can. Not only to make himself look good in front of the judge, but also for his paperwork to show on a monthly basis. Remember, that’s his job! Do you know all there is to hold a reasonable argument against a trained Kansas City traffic violations attorney on the other side? It would be advantageous to have one right next to you on your side!

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