Contact a Kansas City DUI Attorney As Soon As You Are Arrested for Suspicion of DUI

This is probably one of the things you’re never prepared to have happen to you. You’re driving along, fully aware that you are sober and completely capable of driving – when you get pulled over. Now that you are suspected of drunk driving or driving under the influence (DUI), what do you do? You contact a Kansas City DUI attorney as soon as you have the opportunity to do so.

Drunk driving laws are tougher, and that means you can be targeted, too

Even good responsible drivers can be pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving. Groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving, or MADD, has seen to that – and that’s actually a very good thing. Our roads are definitely safer because drunk driving laws are tighter. Unfortunately, that also means that on occasion, truly innocently drivers can be pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving. You may find yourself in that situation by surprise, and of course, you’re not prepared for it.

Fortunately, contacting a Kansas City DUI lawyer as soon as you can will greatly increase your chances of having your case dismissed, or at least charges greatly reduced.

Fully cooperate with police – but invoke your right to remain silent as soon as you can

When you are pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving, you must cooperate with police when they ask you to do things during the incident itself. Obey orders to get out of the car, perform field sobriety tests, take a breathalyzer test, and let yourself be handcuffed and placed into custody if that’s what ends up happening. You don’t want legitimate charges for related offenses like resisting arrest to be tendered against you along with your bogus DUI charge. That just makes your case that much more complicated, and you probably won’t get off completely free and clear.

So do cooperate when you’re asked to do so during your time prior to arrest; as soon as you’re read your Miranda rights, though, stay silent and contact a Kansas City DUI lawyer to take over your case. He or she can then review your case, chart the best course of action, and provide a buffer between you and law enforcement in the event you do have to be involved with them so that you don’t erroneously harm yourself further by saying things you shouldn’t. This also gives you the opportunity to rest easy at night, knowing that you have the best possible helping your side so that you walk away free and clear, innocent and able to get on with your life.

The Importance of Hiring a Missouri Federal Crimes Attorney When Charged with a Federal Offense

Those charged with embezzling, official misconduct, bank fraud, identity theft and other federal offenses face serious consequences if convicted in a federal court of law.  It is imperative that as soon as you are arrested, you consult with a skilled Missouri federal crimes attorney.  The federal justice system is complex; penalties handed out are much more harsh than for crimes committed on the state level.  To protect your rights, freedom and reputation, it is critical that you hire a capable lawyer.

Many federal crimes are those considered white collar crimes, or those in which typically there is no violence involved.  Even then, the penalties you face can include huge fines, restitution, prison time, a permanent criminal record and more.  If you are a licensed professional, chances are you will lose your license if convicted.  You can see that the cost for what you have been accused of is substantial.  You may be innocent of the charges against you, or guilty; either way, it is important that you discuss your situation with a qualified federal crimes lawyer Kansas City.

Regardless of your guilt or innocence, you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  This is the number one priority of a seasoned Missouri criminal defense attorney – to protect your innocence and future.  Imagine the impact to your life and future if you were to be imprisoned, lose your professional license, and face ruin of your reputation.  Is it worth it to put your entire future at risk by not hiring an aggressive lawyer to fight for your rights?

Unfortunately, the federal criminal justice system doesn’t work in the manner that it should.  Instead of the accused being presumed innocent, jurors may automatically presume you are guilty.  Instead of being a fair system, it often seems a sentencing system.  Your federal crimes attorney in Missouri will provide you with a vigorous, effective defense, challenging the evidence against you with everything he/she has.  It is critical that you choose strong legal representation, a lawyer who is not intimidated by or afraid to stand up to federal prosecutors.

Even if you only suspect you are under investigation or have not yet been arrested, it is important that you talk to a capable Missouri federal crimes defense lawyer immediately.  The sooner your attorney can begin work on your case, the better the odds that he/she will be able to reach a positive outcome on your behalf.

Hiring a Capable Kansas City DUI Lawyer is Essential to a Positive Outcome

Unfortunately, many people who are arrested for driving under the influence don’t see any need to hire a Kansas City DUI lawyer; after all, if you’re guilty, you must face the consequences, right?  Not necessarily.  Whether you are guilty or innocent of the charges, a skilled DUI attorney in Kansas City can frequently have the charges reduced or even completely dismissed, depending upon the circumstances.

Without the expertise of an experienced lawyer, you will almost certainly face the consequences, which are not pleasant.  Jail time, steep monetary fines, drunk driving school, increased auto insurance premiums, a criminal record – these are just a few of the penalties you may face.  While driving under the influence may seem like a minor offense in comparison to others, it is a criminal offense that is taken very seriously today, more so than ever before in history.  A criminal record could mean ruin of your career, or the inability to secure a job.  With every subsequent offense, the punishment becomes more harsh.  It is critical to your reputation, future and career that you consult with a capable Kansas City DUI attorney.

Particularly when it is a first offense, you may have lots of questions.  You’re frightened, perhaps worried about losing a professional license or your driver’s license, what this will do to your family, how it will affect your job or your future, and more.  A compassionate DUI lawyer in Kansas City will answer all of your questions, provide legal guidance and leave no stone unturned in providing you with the best possible legal defense should it become necessary to go to court.

The funny thing, and what most people do not realize, is that an experienced Kansas City DUI attorney has far more knowledge and training in the area of DUI than the police officer who arrests the defendant.  What does this mean to you?  Experienced, competent lawyers who provide those accused with a strong legal defense know that missteps are often taken during an arrest, which could mean that crucial evidence against you may be thrown out.  Breath/blood tests are not always properly handled, or administered correctly.  A police officer may not have had reasonable suspicion to pull you over.  You must be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, which is a verdict not always easily reached by prosecutors.

If you or a loved one have been charged with driving under the influence, never assume that you must “pay the piper,” so to speak.  Regardless of your guilt or innocence, it is crucial that you obtain the services of an aggressive Kansas City DUI lawyer who will work diligently to secure a positive outcome on your behalf.