Why You Need a Kansas City Personal Injury Lawyer When You Have Been Injured

Why hire a Kansas City personal injury lawyer when you have been injured do to another party’s negligence?  After all, the insurance company will take care of it, right?  Not necessarily.  Insurance companies are in business to make money just like everyone else, so it’s likely you will not get the full compensation you deserve if you go it on your own.  A Kansas City personal injury attorney will work hard to ensure that you get the full justice you deserve.

Whether you have been injured on the job, because of dangerous drugs, in a car accident or even by a vicious dog attack, you need a lawyer with experience.  Unfortunately, those who are injured must prove that the responsible party was careless or negligent in some way.  This is why it is important that you consult with a Kansas City personal injury lawyer who is skilled and aggressive, willing to fight so that you are treated fairly.

The fact is that insurance companies do not want you to obtain the services of a lawyer, and they will try to convince you that they will give you a fair settlement.  The insurance company wants to minimize your claim when possible, but this simply isn’t acceptable when you have been injured because someone was negligent.  Your injuries may not be that severe, or they may be life-threatening or even life-altering; you need a Kansas City personal injury lawyer who is capable of securing the most favorable possible outcome for you.

The costs to accident victims often go much further than monetary costs; emotionally, financially and physically, you and your family may be left with many tough challenges.  Mounting medical bills and your inability to work may leave you facing financial disaster or even bankruptcy.  It is essential that you consult with a Kansas City personal injury attorney with years of experience and a winning track record.  A compassionate lawyer will work hard to win your case and help you put your life back on a positive track.

You may have been involved in a car accident that was the fault of a drunk driver, or you may have become injured in a slip and fall accident on a dangerous surface.  No matter how you were injured, it is simply not acceptable that those who are responsible get away with their negligence.  The responsible party should pay, but never trust the insurance companies to treat you fairly.  Contact a trusted Kansas City personal injury lawyer who will make certain that you are not taken advantage of, and that you get the full compensation you are entitled to.

Missouri Construction Accident Lawyers Also Help Victims’ Families

It’s no secret that construction can be dangerous work, and construction workers get injured on the job all the time. For most of these cases, workers receive workers’ compensation benefits, and they might also receive third party lawsuit funds if it’s found that faulty equipment caused the malfunction that caused the injury.

What gets lost in the shuffle with this is that not all construction accidents result in mere injury to the victim. Victims can be killed on the job, too, which can leave families in dire straits both emotionally and financially. This is where Missouri construction accident lawyers can help.

No lawyer can completely ease your pain if you are someone who’s been left behind because of a construction accident that took a loved one’s life. However, you can at least get the compensation you deserve as a survivor; not only can you perhaps receive compensation and benefits from the employer as would usually occur with an accident that was survivable, but you may also be able to receive benefits that speak to the loss of comfort and companionship provided by your loved one. Finally, there’s also the practical and real possibility that you may now face very real dire financial circumstances due to the loss of your loved one’s income.

Let your lawyer go to bat for you

You’ve got a lot to handle during this time, and Kansas City construction accident lawyers are experts at the negotiations you may not be fully prepared for even in the best of times. Remember, while employers and insurance companies may sound sympathetic to you, what they really want to do is to protect their own bottom line; whether you get your life back on track really does not concern them.

Kansas City, MO construction accident lawyers are professionals with these types of negotiations; an attorney is not trying to handle a very disastrous situation during a very emotional time as you are, so he/she has the capability to handle these negotiations in an objective, fair, effective and professional manner. They will not be swayed by insurance companies’ or other involved parties’ manipulations, and they will get you the money you deserve so that you can take care of your situation.

Best of all, you do not have to pay construction accident lawyers up front. They will take your case on contingency, meaning that you don’t pay unless you win. Don’t let financial concerns stop you from getting the help you need. If you lose your case, you’ll owe nothing; you only pay if you win. Protect your rights and make sure you hire a skilled construction accident attorney in MO to take care of you and make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

Defective Product Injuries Require the Skills of a Capable Missouri Attorney

When you have been injured due to faulty mechanisms or defects in automobiles, household appliances or even toys, you need the expertise and skills of a Kansas City defective products attorney.  In most people’s minds, injuries occur in car accidents, slip and fall incidents or are work related.  As a team of experienced NY defective product lawyers, we know that you can become injured in ways you never dreamed possible when you least expect it.

Car, appliance and toy manufacturers, even tire companies occasionally have products with design defects.  When instructions are not clear or there are improper warnings in regards to a potential hazard, you have a right to compensation if you become injured.  As a highly skilled Kansas City, MO defective products attorney law firm, we know that people are injured every day when a tire blows out, a small piece of a toy breaks off, or a household appliance malfunctions.

Naturally, most people assume that when they purchase a product it is safe for use – and it should be.  When innocent people are injured at work using industrial machines, or even tractors, forklifts and other equipment, it takes thorough and often intensive investigation to reveal the source of the problem.  A compassionate defective product attorney with decades of experience works aggressively to uncover the truth and obtain the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Most of us don’t think about how easy it is to receive an injury even from the most common of items, such as bicycles, machinery, tires and tire rims.  The fact is, nearly any product can cause injuries, some severe.  No doubt you have heard in the news over the years about recalls related to baby cribs, car seats and even strollers.  Everywhere you look, there is the potential for injury from defective or unsafe products.  When the injury happens to you or a family member, you need the guidance and skills of a qualified defective product attorney.

There are three categories in which defective products can be placed; manufacturing defects, marketing defects (insufficient warning labels or instructions) and design defects.  No matter which applies in your situation, you deserve full compensation when the accident is through no fault of your own.  A caring and capable team of Kansas City personal injury lawyers will ensure that you get all that you deserve.

West Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate Injured in Accident Involving Tractor-Trailer Rig

Bob Henry Baber, Mountain Party candidate for governor of West Virginia, was injured in a crash involving a tractor-trailer rig recently.  Baber’s two young children, Cody and Jackie, were also injured though none of the family members suffered life-threatening injuries.

The accident took place as Baber was driving north on interstate 79 enroute to the Pittsburgh International Airport, according to a news release from his campaign.  Baber was transported to Ruby Memorial Hospital following the September 15th accident.  According to the news release issued by Baber’s campaign, a tractor-trailer rig entered Baber’s lane illegally and struck his car forcefully enough to pin Baber’s car to the guard rail.  The truck driver did not stop following the accident, but was apprehended later by law enforcement on I-68.  Scott Lunsford, a 44-year-old Clarksville, GA man and driver of the truck, was charged with failure to maintain control.

Baber’s children Cody, 21 and Jackie, 19, were with Baber and were on their way to catch a flight to Utah where Baber’s eldest daughter was getting married. The family was traveling in their Jeep SUV when the accident occurred.  The truck involved in the crash belonged to Pavco Trucking Company of Maine.

State Police Trooper First Class J.G. Baker stated that Baber called in the hit-and-run accident from his cell phone, giving authorities the truck’s license plate number; he then followed the driver as police issued an alert.

Accidents involving 18 wheelers or tractor-trailer rigs often result in serious or fatal injuries; fortunately in this case injuries to the Baber family were only minor.  In this instance, the family may want to consider filing a personal injury lawsuit against the driver of the rig that caused the accident

Elizabeth Tuomey is an experienced Arlington Virginia personal injury lawyer dedicated to protecting the rights of those who have suffered injuries in accidents involving tractor-trailer rigs and other big commercial trucks.  Contact the Tuomey Law Firm today for a free evaluation of your case.

Atlanta Tractor-Trailer Accident Claims Life of Newlywed

Just days ago Danyal Holley, a newlywed from Woodstock was traveling with her new husband when she was killed in a tragic tractor-trailer accident.  The accident took place on Interstate 285 in Fulton County in Atlanta.  Following the accident all south bound lanes of 285 were blocked for several hours.

Mrs. Holley’s husband was injured in the crash and transported to Grady Memorial Hospital following the accident in which a tractor trailer rig attempted to change lanes and struck the Nissan Sentra being driven by Mrs. Holley.  He sustained only minor injuries. (article by Kansas City injury attorneys at Brown Chiari)

According to police at the scene, the tractor trailer driver, Jack Parsons, was attempting to change lanes when he struck Holley’s car and send it careening in to the guardrail.  Holley lost control and crossed in to the opposite lane of 285, where she was struck by the cab of another big truck traveling north bound.

We can only imagine the pain and anguish Holley’s new husband must be feeling at this time.  Parsons, the driver of the truck that truck the Nissan initially, was charged with second degree vehicular homicide and improper lane change.  This charge is a misdemeanor, so it is likely that he will receive up to one year in jail.  Unless it is found that Parsons was driving under the influence of alcohol or other illegal substances, it is doubtful that he will serve any jail time.

A wrongful death lawsuit may be the only justice or relief that Holley’s husband may seek in this case.

Tractor trailer accidents are often devastating, as was certainly the case in this accident.  Up against a huge truck, a small car such as a Nissan stands little chance of coming out without serious injuries or worse where occupants are concerned.

The O’Connor Law Firm is a team of Kansas City truck accident lawyers dedicated to protecting the rights of victims involved in accidents with tractor trailer rigs and other large commercial trucks.  Contact us today for a free evaluation of your case.

Minnesota Nursing Home Resident Overdoses – Facility Charged With Neglect

The Owatonna Care Center in Owatonna, Minnesota has recently been charged with neglect following the death of a resident who was mistakenly given too much medication.  This incident occurred during the summer months when the resident was given 10 milligrams of an anti-anxiety medication by an employee; the physician had ordered only 1 milligram.

The facility did not realize their mistake until two days later.  The resident, 84-year-old Herbert Drescher, died the day following the overdose, and the error was not realized until the next day, when the medication was brought to the nursing director to be destroyed.

The complaint filed against the nursing home states that the proper dosage (1 milligram, 3 times per day) was not given for 10 days prior to the resident’s death.  After being deprived of his medication, Drescher was given 10 times the amount of the drug, which a doctor involved in the case believed played a role in his death, which was officially attributed to chronic lung disease.

It was not known at the time of news reports whether any employees of Owatonna Care Center had been terminated as a result of the case.  As investigations continue, The Minnesota Department of Health has not determined with certainty that the medication overdose caused the death of the patient, but believe that it could have been a factor.

A report by the state Health Department brought this case to light at a time when concern regarding medication errors at other long-term care facilities in Minnesota has been in the limelight.  According to the FDA, overdoses of Ativan (lorazepam), which the resident was taking, can lead to coma and eventually death in rare circumstances.  State investigators found that other drugs were missing at Owatonna Care Center, and that those missing drugs could not be accounted for by staff members.

This is a classic example of nursing home abuse and neglect, as employees often do not take the time to look closely at the medications they are giving residents or to question those doses to ensure they are correct.  Not giving a resident his medication for 10 days is unacceptable.

Owatonna was cited for one state violation and two federal rule violations.  On an October 14th follow-up visit by investigators, the nursing home had completed promised changes in how medications are tracked and administration of those medicines overseen.  All nurses and medication aides were retrained.

Denying residents their medication or administering more than the prescribed dosage are both forms of nursing home neglect.  If you suspect that your loved one is being neglected in a nursing home, contact the Missouri nursing home abuse lawyers at the O’Connor Law Firm today. Learn about the Missouri Injury Lawyers at Brown Chiari by visiting our website today.

Question of Safety of Sprouts as Jimmy Johns Sandwich Chains Make the Switch from Alfalfa to Clover Sprouts

Recently, Jimmy Johns restaurants were implicated in a multi-state Salmonella outbreak that sickened hundreds of people after they consumed alfalfa sprouts served on the sandwiches that the restaurants serve.  At least 59 Illinois residents became ill, and now Jimmy John Liautaud, owner of the chain, says that the restaurants will cease using alfalfa sprouts and instead use clover sprouts, which according to Liautaud are easier to sanitize.

Ironically, a Salmonella outbreak occurred just recently in Oregon and Washington that were related to clover sprouts.  In Oregon, 2 residents became ill after consuming sandwiches that contained clover sprouts – sandwiches from Jimmy Johns.  This leads us to question just how much safer clover sprouts are than alfalfa sprouts, if any.  The clover sprouts used on the sandwiches were produced by Sprouters Northwest of Kent, Washington.  Sprouters Northwest was found to be the source of the Salmonella contamination.

All in all, 125 people became ill after consuming Salmonella tainted sprouts between the dates of November 1, 2010 and January 11, 2011.  The strain of Salmonella in these outbreaks is serotype I 4,[5],12:i:-.  This strain spread through 22 states and the District of Columbia.  Investigators concluded that the illnesses were related to eating sandwiches containing sprouts at Jimmy Johns restaurants.

As far as the states affected by the outbreak, Illinois was by far hit with more illnesses.  65 people were sickened in that state, with 22 in Missouri, 12 in Indiana, 3 in Wisconsin, 3 in Pennsylvania and other states reporting a single case of illness related to this strain of Salmonella.

Consumers are advised not to eat Tiny Greens Alfalfa Sprouts or Spicy Sprouts, and restaurants should not serve them.  Anyone who has the sprouts whether in their restaurant or home should dispose of them at once in a closed plastic bag.

Salmonella food poisoning typically causes symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea and abdominal cramps.  While not usually serious in healthy individuals, those who are young, frail or have a weakened immune system may be at an increased risk of serious complications and should seek medical attention if you experience symptoms.

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