What’s Your Best Arlington DWI Defense? A Good DWI Attorney

Have you been pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving? Are you innocent? Good for you – but that’s not good enough for the courts. Today, it’s almost a given that you are guilty until proven innocent if you’ve been pulled over for DWI. What can you do about that? Hire a good Arlington DWI defense attorney right from the start.

It’s not always about “innocent until proven guilty” anymore

Tougher drunk driving laws have meant that law enforcement is cracking down on drunk drivers hard. That’s good, because it’s made our roads safer, but it’s also caught some innocent people in its trap. Is your situation something similar to this? You had just a little bit to drink at dinner and are on your way home. You’ve only had a bit, so you’re not in the least drunk and are driving home safely. However, you get pulled over anyway. Because the officer smelled alcohol on your breath, you’re asked to take a field sobriety test and breathalyzer.

You do this, sure that things will be fine, but are booked on suspicion of drunk driving anyway. Suddenly, you find yourself in handcuffs and on the way to the police station for booking. What do you do now?

You hire a good Arlington DWI defense lawyer right away. That’s right – you don’t wait, you don’t plead your case, you don’t see what happens – you simply hire a good DWI defense attorney immediately.

Why hire a good DWI defense lawyer right from the start?

Unfortunately, if you’ve never been in trouble with the law, you don’t quite know how things work once you’ve been arrested. Once you are read your Miranda rights and told that, “Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law,” the law means just that. ANYTHING you say can be used against you, no matter how innocent.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could get yourself in deep trouble; you think you’re innocent so you think you can’t get in trouble, but nothing is further from the truth. You need an Arlington DWI attorney right away so that he or she can go to bat for you, and protect you from… well, yourself. Your lawyer will handle any request for police or other interviews, and any legal procedures so that you have the best chance of winning once your case does go to court.

In addition, your Arlington DWI lawyer will get to know your case very well if you hire him or her from the start so that if you do have to go to trial, you’re much more likely to win your case.

It can’t be stressed enough that you need a good DWI defense attorney right from the start, even if you’re innocent. So if you’ve been charged with DWI, get a good Arlington criminal attorney immediately.

How a Kansas City White Collar Crimes Lawyer Can Turn Things Around For You

When you have been accused of or arrested for money laundering, internet fraud, embezzling or any other white collar crime it is easy to believe that your world has come to an end.  A skilled Kansas City white collar crimes attorney can help you turn things around, ultimately securing the most positive outcome possible on your behalf.  Never assume that you have no choice in the matter, or that you can handle it all yourself.  To do so would be to sign your reputation and freedom away.

We all make mistakes because we are all human.  You may be guilty or it may be that you have been accused of a crime that you are innocent of.  Perhaps you suspect you are being investigated.  When your future hangs in the balance and you do not know where to turn, a compassionate Kansas City white collar crimes lawyer has the knowledge, skill and experience to not only guide and advise you, but devise a strong and effective legal defense when necessary.

You don’t have to be an executive or in upper management to be accused of a white collar crime.  A bank teller who is suspected of stealing $80 could be charged with embezzlement; physicians who submit false records in order to be reimbursed by Medicare may be charged with a crime.  No matter how minor or serious the charges, it is imperative that you have a Kansas City white collar crime attorney on your side.  You’ve likely heard that you are “innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt”.  This is the absolute truth, and a qualified attorney will work hard to protect your innocence.

Just because you have been charged with a crime does not always mean that you will have to go to court, but when it becomes necessary you want a Kansas City white collar crimes lawyer who is effective and capable both in and out of the courtroom.  Lawyers are skilled negotiators, often capable of securing a client’s freedom so that they do not spend time behind bars.  When you cannot be vindicated, an attorney can frequently have the penalties reduced so that the impact to your life is lessened.

When you have been charged with a crime or fear that you are under investigation, don’t waste any time.  Early intervention is the key to protecting your rights and interests.  Count on a trusted Kansas City white collar crime lawyer to protect your rights and seek the justice you are entitled to.

4 Compelling Reasons to Hire an Alexandria Criminal Defense Lawyer

Whether someone is charged with domestic violence or under investigation for drug distribution, there are some very compelling reasons to hire an Alexandria criminal defense lawyer.  Regardless of whether you are innocent or guilty, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty – a very important fact to remember.  The fact that you have been arrested or even charged with a crime does not mean it’s the end of the road for you – here’s why.

A skilled Alexandria criminal defense attorney can assist you in protecting your legal rights and obtaining the best possible outcome by:

Helping protect you against false or fabricated testimony.  Police are supposed to uphold the law; unfortunately, there are those who may destroy or tamper with evidence in an effort to have you convicted.  Your defense attorney will work to ensure the truth is brought to light, and protect you against testimony which is potentially fabricated.

Examining evidence presented by prosecutors.  Most people fail to realize that evidence brought by the prosecutor may have loopholes or weaknesses which can work to the defendant’s benefit.  When a prosecutor’s argument is weak, a good defense lawyer will assist in securing records which will help bring the truth to light in the eyes of the court.

Helping secure an alternative sentence.  When there is little doubt you will be found guilty or it is determined it would be most beneficial to the defendant to plead guilty or no contest, an Alexandria criminal defense lawyer will help you explore possible alternative sentences, such as diversionary programs.  It may also be to your advantage to work with prosecutors to reach a plea agreement, and thus reduced charges/penalties.  Your attorney will help you decide the best legal approach for your situation.

Getting penalties decreased.  Even seemingly minor crimes such as drug possession or DUI come with stiff penalties which may include steep fines and jail/prison time.  Your Alexandria criminal defense attorney will work to have charges reduced or determine whether you should plead to a lesser charge, thereby reducing the penalties and helping keep you out of jail/prison.

There are dozens of reasons you should consider an criminal defense lawyer when facing charges for a criminal offense.  If you or someone you know has been arrested or is under investigation, consult with an attorney to not only protect your freedom, but your career and reputation as well.  Don’t risk your future!

Settlement Loans Offer Financial Relief Without the Risks

Settlement loans are ideal for personal injury plaintiffs who find they are facing financial issues.  When you are injured because another person/party was negligent, you may decide that filing a lawsuit is the best route to take.  Insurance companies typically offer far less than your claim is worth.  What can you do while your attorney is negotiating with the insurance company, or fighting on your behalf in a jury trial to ease the financial strain?  Settlement loans may be the solution – and you can enjoy financial relief without putting your money situation further at risk.

Litigation financing is a process that has helped tens of thousands of injured victims avoid financial disaster, foreclosure and even bankruptcy.  Whose who are seriously injured often face insurmountable medical costs.  Considering the time you must spend in court or lost income if you are unable to work, it can get to a point where you cannot pay your bills.  Settlement loans are designed to give those who qualify immediate financial relief, as you can get a portion of your expected settlement within 24 hours.  This money can be used to buy groceries, pay medical bills, pay utility and other household expenses, even to repair your property if it was damaged in the accident that caused your injuries.

Unlike traditional bank loans, you do not need to provide information regarding your credit or employment history, and no collateral is necessary.  Settlement loans are a no-risk way to get the money you desperately need right now.  Why is there no risk involved?  You do not repay the litigation financing company until you actually win your settlement and have your money.  Should for any reason you not be awarded a settlement, you owe nothing because the process is non-recourse.  You’re never out any money such as upfront fees, so you never have to worry about adding to your financial burden.

When you need financial support during an ongoing lawsuit, settlement loans are ideal if you have a solid case.  Litigation financing companies do not loan money to individuals who have what they consider “frivolous” lawsuits, as the chances of being successful in such a suit is slim.  This is how funding companies can operate on a non-recourse basis.  The company is fairly certain that you will win, before they advance you a portion of your expected settlement.

How can you find out if settlement loans may be right for you?  Talk with your attorney, who will help you determine if litigation financing is a viable option for you.  If so, your lawyer will submit the required paperwork, which pertains only to the details of your lawsuit, nothing else.  Once approved, you can have the money you so badly need the very next day!  No risk, no waiting – just the  money you need to live comfortably while seeking the justice you deserve.

Industry, CA Big Rig Accident Leaves Two Women Dead

On March 3rd of this year two women were killed when a big rig crashed through a center divider on an Industry, California freeway and ended up on the wrong side of the freeway according to authorities.

The accident happened at about 1:40 in the morning as the big rig made its way from the transition road on southbound San Gabriel (605) Freeway to the westbound 60 Freeway when the rig crashed through the median.  The truck collided with a silver Nissan Sentra, setting it on fire and trapping the two females inside according to Francisco Villalobos, a California Highway Patrol Officer.

Several motorists left their cars and tried to assist the women who appeared to be in their late 40′s.  The women were reportedly sisters.  Drivers attempted to pull the two women from the car unsuccessfully, and according to Villalobos they were pronounced dead at the scene.  The driver of the big rig was not seriously injured, but was transported to a hospital for treatment of minor injuries suffered in the crash.

It took over 7 hours for the wreckage and other debris to be removed from the road, and investigators examined the scene before lanes were reopened at approximately 8:30 a.m.  At the time of the crash, it was not known what caused the big rig to crash through the median.

While it isn’t known whether the driver was at fault in the crash or exactly what happened to cause the big rig to plow through the center median, it is tragic that two sisters who were still young lost their lives in the wreckage.

Speed could have been a factor, or the driver may have lost control, fallen asleep at the wheel or even been overly tired and not alert until it was too late.  There are many things that can come in to play in an accident involving a big truck, but all too often those in smaller vehicles pay the price, either through serious injuries or even death, just as this tragedy proved.

There are many safe drivers of big rigs on the road, but there are just as many who are careless.  Big trucks are dangerous, and often cause catastrophic accidents.

If you or a loved one have been injured in an Semi or 18 wheeler accident caused by a big rig, contact the O’Connor Law Firm of Kansas City, Missouri

Hire a Skilled Fairfax DWI Defense Lawyer to Protect You From Harsh Penalties

In the state of Virginia, driving while intoxicated is an offense that is taken very seriously.  Even on a first offense, a conviction could leave you facing fines of as much as $2,500, loss of your driving privileges for up to one year, and a requirement to attend an alcohol education program.  Besides the penalties, a trusted Fairfax DWI defense lawyer knows that a conviction can affect your reputation, career, even your family.  This is why it is urgent that you consult with an attorney as soon as you are arrested, and do not talk to police or anyone else without legal representation.

Driving while intoxicated was not considered the serious offense it is today a decade or two ago.  Today, lawmakers and the general public frown on drunk driving, and work diligently to punish those who commit the crime.  While Fairfax DWI defense attorneys certainly do not condone driving while under the influence of alcohol, they do believe that those arrested deserve a second chance, particularly when it is a first offense.  As humans, we all make mistakes – and often regret them after the fact.

Even if you are guilty of the charges against you, it does not mean that you should take the punishment.  By securing the services of a skilled Fairfax DWI defense attorney, you can fight the charges with skill and expertise on your side.  Lawyers who focus on this area of the law know that there are many defenses that can be used on behalf of an individual arrested for DWI, and that often the charges can be beat.  At the very least, your DWI defense lawyer in Fairfax will work to get the charges reduced, so that the damaging impact to your life is minimized.

Employers frown on hiring an individual who has a criminal record, which you will have if convicted on charges of DWI.  Should you decide that you can represent yourself and not go to the expense of hiring a lawyer, you will likely find that you pay the price in terms of loss of your freedom, your reputation, even your job.  An aggressive Fairfax DWI defense lawyer will work hard to build a strong defense on your behalf.  Your attorney will pose tough questions to police regarding your arrest, challenge results of breath and blood tests, and analyze the evidence in order to determine a way to challenge it in court.  You must be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, which is what your attorney will attempt to prevent.

What if you were arrested and are innocent?  In this situation, it is imperative that you discuss your case with a competent Fairfax DWI defense attorney, as law officials certainly will not take your word for it.  They will prosecute you just as vigorously as they would an individual who is guilty of the charges leveled against him or her.  Regardless of your circumstances, do the smart thing by consulting with a dedicated Fairfax DWI attorney at once.

What Are Lawsuit Loans, and Might They Benefit You?

Lawsuit loans are loans that can be given as a cash advance against a lawsuit that’s either pending or settled. If the person requesting the lawsuit loan from the lender does not win the case, the settlement funding company does not legally have a right to request that the advance be repaid.

Who can request a lawsuit loan?

Either the plaintiff in a lawsuit or that plaintiff’s attorney can request a lawsuit loan. A plaintiff is identified as someone who has initiated a lawsuit against a person or entity with the intent of collecting monetary damages. The attorney or law firm representing the plaintiff does so against the defendant and the defendant’s attorneys.

Who can give a lawsuit loan?

Lawsuit loans are usually given by either private investors or hedge fund companies. With private investors, they usually provide funding depending on the case, and they can also purchase portfolios from other companies. They may diversify their monies by investing in other companies that provide settlement funding.

How do you qualify for a lawsuit loan?

If you’re the plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit or a lawsuit involving commercial litigation, you may qualify for a lawsuit loan. Personal injury lawsuits especially may qualify for lawsuit loans, because people injured as a result of a company’s negligence (such as a product malfunction that results in injury and loss of income or disability) may need money to live on if the disability incurred means they cannot work. It isn’t always possible to qualify for a lawsuit loan, but underwriters generally have less restrictive qualifications for loans involving personal injury as compared to those with commercial litigation. If you request a lawsuit loan, you must have an attorney who is working on a contingency basis, and that attorney must approve of your request for a lawsuit loan.

Different types of funding

Lawsuit loans come in two different types: pre-settlement and post-settlement funding. With pre-settlement funding, money is borrowed against the pending lawsuit, where there’s been no verdict or settlement given. With post-settlement funding, a verdict has been reached in the plaintiff’s favor, and/or a settlement has been reached whereby the plaintiff will receive some monies as a result of settling the case.

Other considerations

Lawsuit loans for personal injury cases are generally easier to get than those that occur as a result of commercial litigation cases. The underwriting process for settlement funding in commercial litigation is quite a bit more complex in general than that for personal injury, and may take longer to approve.

93-Year-Old Delray Beach, Florida Assisted Living Resident Dies After Swallowing Detergent

A Delray Beach, Fl assisted living facility may face a $10,000 fine for not securing its kitchen properly after a 93-year-old Alzheimer’s patient accidentally swallowed dishwasher detergent.  The state agency is investigating this tragic event, and this facility has been cited in the past for not securing the kitchen.

Two staff members who were on duty were caring for another resident when the 93-year-old, who was in the late stages of Alzheimer’s, went in to a satellite kitchen in the centers dementia unit.  After drinking the dishwasher detergent, he was discovered by staff members who called 911, but the elderly man died 18 hours later following paramedics and doctors attempts to save him.

The Delray Beach facility claims it did nothing wrong, and that there was no way they could have known a tragedy like this would happen.  Reports show that previously the facility had been cited for not securing several areas properly from these types of residents, including the laundry room and beauty salon.  It was also noted that dangerous items that could potentially injure a resident such as hot curling irons, chemical products and a hot coffee pot were not secured and accessible by residents.

This death was totally unnecessary, and illustrates the negligence of administration staff in not following through with recommendations made when a state inspection takes place.  Apparently, administrators were not motivated to correct the problems that were cited in reports.  Assisted living and nursing home facility administrators should be held accountable for their negligent actions (or lack thereof), so that senseless deaths like this do not occur.

If you fear that your loved one is being neglected or abused in a nursing home, contact a compassionate personal injury lawyer to learn what action you may need to take.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Virginia Nursing Home

The family of Mary Ellen Hillyard, a former resident of Evergreen Health and Rehabilitation Center in Virginia who passed away two years ago, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the facility, accusing health care workers of negligent actions that lead to Hillyard’s death.

In June of 2008, Hillyard was rushed to a local hospital following a massive hemorrhage that occurred at the nursing home.  During her stay at the hospital, Hillyard was temporarily stabilized, but never fully recovered; her failure to make a full recovery from her medical problem is believed to be due to questionable and deady medication treatments given at the Evergreen nursing home.

It was discovered that the likely cause of the hemorrhage Hillyard suffered was medications being given by nurses and assistants at the Evergreen facility.  The medications given are potentially deadly when given at the same time, which proved to be the case with Mary Ellen Hillyard.  Anticoagulants that work in a similar manner were duplicated; these medications included Coumadin, Plavix and aspirin.

In essence, Evergreen Health and Rehabilitation Center did not do its duty in providing safe, competent medical care to Hillyard.  Medications must be carefully monitored, and not given haphazardly. (article by O’Connor Law, Kansas City MO personal injury attorneys)

Pinnacle Services Winchester Inc. operates and manages Evergreen.  Charles L. McDaniel, executor of Hillyard’s estate, is seeking $2 million dollars in the wrongful death lawsuit.  McDaniel is demanding a jury trial, and claims that doctors were duty-bound to review orders for the medications administered to Hillyard, and to monitor lab results so that medications could be changed in order to achieve the best therapeutic results.

Nursing homes often provide care that falls well below the required standards.  Not only are medications frequently not monitored, patients may be neglected in other ways.  Meals may not be provided on time, residents may not be turned properly resulting in bed sores, and other types of abuse often take place.  Improper and negligent care in nursing homes seems to be prevalent today, and it is simply not acceptable.

If you believe that your loved one is being neglected or abused, or even given improper medications in a nursing home, contact a reputable nursing home abuse and neglect attorney.

The Benefits of Having a Kansas City DUI Attorney On Your Side

You have been arrested for driving under the influence, and perhaps thinking “it’s no big deal – I’ll pay the fine and go on with life.”  If only it were that simple!  A Kansas City DUI attorney with years of experience in the laws regarding DUI knows that being charged with driving under the influence is much more serious than most people believe.  Penalties have become much more severe than they were years ago, mostly due to public awareness and the media attention that has been given to the subject.  This is no longer a small little crime that goes unnoticed – it is a criminal offense.

When you are charged with this offense it is imperative that you contact an experienced Kansas City DUI lawyer right away.  It is important that you act quickly, and do not offer any information to law enforcement.  While there is not an attorney in the world who can promise that charges will be dropped or that you will not be found guilty, a skilled Kansas City DUI attorney will in all likelihood be able to have the charges against you reduced, which is in itself a win considering the huge fines and lengthy jail sentences often imposed today.

If it is your first offense, you may be nervous, worried, anxious or even scared.  What are you facing?  A compassionate Kansas City DUI lawyer will explain the process, and discuss possible options with you.  An attorney who works in the area of DUI knows what is best for each individual situation, so you can feel certain that the outcome will be the best possible.

What might you face when you are charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances?  Other than steep fines and possible jail time, you will have a criminal record if convicted.  You could lose your driving privileges if you do not take action to prevent this ASAP, and you may also be facing community service or attending drunk driving school.  As you can now see, being charged with DUI is no laughing matter.

When you do need a Kansas City attorney be certain you choose someone with experience and a proven track record, someone who is aggressive and ready to challenge law enforcement, procedure flaws and other aspects of the charges.  You need experience and dedication on your side, and the knowledge that only an attorney who has successfully represented hundreds of clients can bring to the table.