Settlement Loans Offer Financial Relief Without the Risks

Settlement loans are ideal for personal injury plaintiffs who find they are facing financial issues.  When you are injured because another person/party was negligent, you may decide that filing a lawsuit is the best route to take.  Insurance companies typically offer far less than your claim is worth.  What can you do while your attorney is negotiating with the insurance company, or fighting on your behalf in a jury trial to ease the financial strain?  Settlement loans may be the solution – and you can enjoy financial relief without putting your money situation further at risk.

Litigation financing is a process that has helped tens of thousands of injured victims avoid financial disaster, foreclosure and even bankruptcy.  Whose who are seriously injured often face insurmountable medical costs.  Considering the time you must spend in court or lost income if you are unable to work, it can get to a point where you cannot pay your bills.  Settlement loans are designed to give those who qualify immediate financial relief, as you can get a portion of your expected settlement within 24 hours.  This money can be used to buy groceries, pay medical bills, pay utility and other household expenses, even to repair your property if it was damaged in the accident that caused your injuries.

Unlike traditional bank loans, you do not need to provide information regarding your credit or employment history, and no collateral is necessary.  Settlement loans are a no-risk way to get the money you desperately need right now.  Why is there no risk involved?  You do not repay the litigation financing company until you actually win your settlement and have your money.  Should for any reason you not be awarded a settlement, you owe nothing because the process is non-recourse.  You’re never out any money such as upfront fees, so you never have to worry about adding to your financial burden.

When you need financial support during an ongoing lawsuit, settlement loans are ideal if you have a solid case.  Litigation financing companies do not loan money to individuals who have what they consider “frivolous” lawsuits, as the chances of being successful in such a suit is slim.  This is how funding companies can operate on a non-recourse basis.  The company is fairly certain that you will win, before they advance you a portion of your expected settlement.

How can you find out if settlement loans may be right for you?  Talk with your attorney, who will help you determine if litigation financing is a viable option for you.  If so, your lawyer will submit the required paperwork, which pertains only to the details of your lawsuit, nothing else.  Once approved, you can have the money you so badly need the very next day!  No risk, no waiting – just the  money you need to live comfortably while seeking the justice you deserve.

Lawsuit Loans – Ideal for Those Who Cannot Wait for Settlement

When you’ve been injured due to the negligence of someone else, collecting on your injury case can be a long, drawn-out process.  Lawsuit loans come in very handy when your bills begin to pile up.  Whether your lawsuit has already settlement but you’re waiting on payment, or a lawsuit is pending, it’s a good idea to discuss litigation funding with your attorney, who must agree and sign off with you should you decide this is the route to take.

Whether you were involved in slip and fall or car accident, or even injured due to a faulty product although you used it as intended, a personal injury lawsuit takes time.  In the meantime, you may not be able to work because of your injuries.  However, that doesn’t stop the bills from coming in – and now, you’re facing substantial medical expenses.  Lawsuit loans help ease the financial burden, so that you can live as you normally would while waiting for your lawsuit to settle.

You must have a strong case in order to qualify, as lawsuits that are considered frivolous will not be accepted by the litigation funding company.  If you do have a strong case, it’s highly likely that you will be approved for a lawsuit loan.  How do you apply?  Your attorney will submit the required information, which is related only to the circumstances of your accident and your lawsuit.  Unlike other conventional loans, you will not be required to give any details in regard to credit rating or history, employment, or other background information.

With lawsuit loans, you can have access to a portion (usually 10%) of your expected settlement within 24 hours if you qualify.  This money can be used any way you see fit, such as for paying monthly bills, buying groceries, even attorney fees.  With litigation funding, you are at absolutely no risk; if for any reason you do not win your lawsuit and are not awarded a settlement, you owe nothing to the funding company.  You only repay the loan if you do win, and only when you receive your money.  Essentially, this means you never have out-of-pocket expenses to further increase your debt.

Simply put, with lawsuit loans you are given a percentage of your expected settlement before you ever reach settlement, so that you can live comfortably.  When your case is settled, you pay the litigation funding company back.  That’s it in a nutshell!  Even with the small fees and interest you will repay the funding company, you can expect to enjoy a much larger settlement than you would if you were to settle for what the insurance company offered instead of filing a lawsuit.

Are lawsuit loans for you?  Only you and your attorney can answer that question.  If your lawyer is representing you on a contingency basis (required in order to apply for a lawsuit loan) and you have a pending claim against a defendant, chances are you qualify.

Reasons You May Need a Kansas City Criminal Defense Lawyer

Are you under investigation for or even been charged with a crime? If so, you’ll need a good Kansas City criminal defense lawyer. Your lawyer will help you make sure that your rights are always protected, so that you won’t be unfairly convicted. Even if you’re not under investigation, it’s often a good idea to retain the services of a skilled Kansas City criminal defense lawyer if you’re in a situation where charges might result eventually.

When a particular crime occurs, law enforcement is charged with the duty of finding and then bringing to prosecution the person or persons who committed that crime. And indeed, anyone who does commit a crime should face proper punishment. However, it’s too often true that even when someone is innocent, he or she may be charged with a crime that he or she did not commit. It’s a very good idea to retain the services of a criminal lawyer if you are in danger of being charged with a crime, or even if you’re not and are just proximate to a particular case. This will help ensure that if you are charged or involved in a case in some way, you’ll be fully protected by your lawyer’s expertise so that there is a fair outcome for all concerned.

You need a lawyer even if you’re innocent

Even if you’re innocent, it’s still a good idea to retain the services of a Kansas City criminal defense lawyer before the case against you ever gets underway. Don’t talk to the police without retaining the services of an attorney first, especially if you’ve been placed under arrest or are considered a “person of interest.” It’s unfortunate, but it does sometimes happen that innocent people are suddenly involved in a criminal justice system they don’t understand and have no hope of navigating properly on their own. Even if you’ve never been in trouble before, if you are considered a “person of interest,” or even just someone who’s got information about the case in question, you could suddenly find yourself facing charges that you’ll need to address properly.

A good Kansas City criminal defense lawyer will help you navigate your way through the process properly, making sure that your rights are protected at every turn; of course, as a good citizen, you have an obligation to assist with the investigation if you have information. However, doing so with the assistance of your attorney will help make sure that you don’t get involved in something you don’t have the expertise to handle, and will also help ensure that your rights are protected at every turn.

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Essential Safety Measures for Those Working in The Construction Industry

Construction sites are some of the most dangerous working environments in the world today.  Whether you work in building construction, road construction or some other form, it is essential that safety precautions be taken to prevent potentially serious or even fatal injuries.  While you can never prevent 100% of accidents from occurring, following a few simple rules will help lessen the risk of injuries.

First, it is important to know how many construction site accident occur.  There are many risks involved in working on a construction site that may include:

Scaffolding and ladders that are not secured or secured improperly

Lack of attention when operating equipment like forklifts, dump trucks and cranes

Lack of protection gear to help prevent falls for workers working at high levels

Old or faulty equipment and equipment that is not properly maintained

Workers fail to wear proper ear and eye protection

Digging up power lines during excavation or hitting live electrical wires overhead

While these are certainly not all of the risks or causes of construction site accidents, they do give you an idea of what all can happen when someone is simply doing their job.  Every year, thousands of construction workers are seriously or fatally injured.  What can be done to reduce the frequency of accidents, and their severity?

Power tools and heavy equipment must be serviced and properly maintained on a consistent basis

Hard hats, goggles, eye and ear protection, safety harnesses and other gear must be worn according to the job being performed

Contractors and subcontractors should take responsibility not only in creating a safe work environment, but in hiring workers with good safety records

Above all else, contractors should ensure that all construction workers are properly trained in accordance with the tools and equipment they will be using to perform their jobs

While there is no way to completely prevent accidents on construction sites, these measures will dramatically increase the frequency and severity of injuries sustained while working on these sites.

The O’Connor Law Firm is a team of construction accident attorneys dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients.  If you or a loved one has been injured while working on a construction site, contact us for a free evaluation of your case.

Let an Arlington Traffic Defense Attorney Protect Your Legal Rights and Defend Against Significant Penalties

Arlington traffic defense lawyers realize that for the most part, we all take driving for granted – yet it is an essential part of life.  Without the right to drive, life would be tough; getting to and from work or school, running errands, and attending appointments would be almost impossible.  Whether you have been charged with reckless driving, DUI, driving on a suspended license or other traffic infractions, it is essential that you have an experienced Arlington traffic defense attorney in your corner.

Most people don’t really realize the full impact that traffic offenses can have on their lives.  Not only may you face substantial fines and possibly even jail time depending on the offense, you may lose your driving privileges.  Your auto insurance provider may decide to drop coverage if they feel you are a risk.  Perhaps worst of all, a DUI and certain other offenses can leave you with a criminal record if convicted, which will negatively impact employment opportunities.  A capable traffic defense lawyer in Arlington will work diligently to reach the best possible outcome.

If you are innocent of the charges against you, your attorney will work to protect that innocence.  Even if you are guilty, it does not mean that you have to face the penalties and have no choice in the matter.  Under the law, you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  While every Arlington traffic defense attorney hopes that the issues can be settled to the client’s advantage out of court, your lawyer will not hesitate to go to court should it be necessary to protect your freedom, reputation and driving rights.

Even something as simple as having a tail light that is inoperable can mean a ticket.  You may have been accused of running a stop light and feel that you did come to a complete stop.  No matter how minor or serious the infraction seems, it is important that you consult with a trusted lawyer.  Arlington traffic ticket defense lawyers know the laws, and have an arsenal of defenses available to protect your legal rights.

How can an attorney defend you, particularly if you are guilty?  Your lawyer will challenge how the police officer came to the conclusion that you were “driving recklessly,” or whether he had reasonable suspicion to pull you over for DUI.  There are certain rules police officers must abide by, but all too often they do not.  In some instances such as hit and run, mistaken identity may play a role; you may have been falsely accused.

Whatever your situation, don’t let it cost you your driving rights and significant fines.  An Arlington traffic defense lawyer will work hard to provide you with unsurpassed legal guidance and representation, so that you can avoid harsh penalties and possible loss of your license.  Put your future in the hands of a capable attorney.

Are Lawsuit Loans “Easy Money”?

Lawsuit loans are most definitely not easy money. You qualify for these loans if you have been a victim and are now a plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit that’s pending and likely to either settle or result in a jury award.

Easy? Not exactly; injury is never something to laugh at, and it can make life very difficult. You may have had to take off of work and due to a reduction in income, you don’t have money to pay your bills, including the medical expenses you may have incurred because of your injuries. You of course get compensation if you win your lawsuit that can help pay these bills, but what do you do in the meantime? That’s where lawsuit loans can help.

Timely help with settlement funding in the form of lawsuit loans

The court system is a great creation, in that it helps bring justice to those who might otherwise not get it. However, justice itself is necessarily a complicated process, and that can mean results come slower than we might want or need them to. That’s where this type of litigation funding can help.

Lawsuit loans are offered to plaintiffs by companies that specialize in this type of settlement financing. However, these companies don’t want to check your credit, and they don’t want any collateral from you. They do want to check and make sure that your case is legitimate, that you’ve hired your lawyer on contingency, and that your attorney is in agreement that a loan is the right solution for your situation.

How does it work? You simply contact one a litigation funding company, fill out the application to get a loan of this type (again, with your lawyer’s approval and full consent), and submit to the review process. Once your case has been thoroughly reviewed, and has been found to be legitimate and likely to result in settlement or award, the company will give you a portion of your expected settlement or award; it’s usually about one tenth of the expected full amount.

No need to pay the money back unless you win

What makes lawsuit loans so helpful is that you will not have yet another monthly payment or obligation to add to your already mounting financial burden. Unlike most loans, you only have to pay your loan back if you win your case. If you win, the company reclaims the money it lent you, plus fees and interest, but if you lose your case, you owe the company nothing. In that sense, you could say that these loans are “free” money in that they free you of worry or obligation to repay unless you win your case. This is simply not true of other types of loans. Is litigation financing right for you? Discuss the possibility with your attorney; this is one solution that will allow you to live comfortably and with less stress while waiting for your settlement.

Why You Need a Kansas City Personal Injury Lawyer When You Have Been Injured

Why hire a Kansas City personal injury lawyer when you have been injured do to another party’s negligence?  After all, the insurance company will take care of it, right?  Not necessarily.  Insurance companies are in business to make money just like everyone else, so it’s likely you will not get the full compensation you deserve if you go it on your own.  A Kansas City personal injury attorney will work hard to ensure that you get the full justice you deserve.

Whether you have been injured on the job, because of dangerous drugs, in a car accident or even by a vicious dog attack, you need a lawyer with experience.  Unfortunately, those who are injured must prove that the responsible party was careless or negligent in some way.  This is why it is important that you consult with a Kansas City personal injury lawyer who is skilled and aggressive, willing to fight so that you are treated fairly.

The fact is that insurance companies do not want you to obtain the services of a lawyer, and they will try to convince you that they will give you a fair settlement.  The insurance company wants to minimize your claim when possible, but this simply isn’t acceptable when you have been injured because someone was negligent.  Your injuries may not be that severe, or they may be life-threatening or even life-altering; you need a Kansas City personal injury lawyer who is capable of securing the most favorable possible outcome for you.

The costs to accident victims often go much further than monetary costs; emotionally, financially and physically, you and your family may be left with many tough challenges.  Mounting medical bills and your inability to work may leave you facing financial disaster or even bankruptcy.  It is essential that you consult with a Kansas City personal injury attorney with years of experience and a winning track record.  A compassionate lawyer will work hard to win your case and help you put your life back on a positive track.

You may have been involved in a car accident that was the fault of a drunk driver, or you may have become injured in a slip and fall accident on a dangerous surface.  No matter how you were injured, it is simply not acceptable that those who are responsible get away with their negligence.  The responsible party should pay, but never trust the insurance companies to treat you fairly.  Contact a trusted Kansas City personal injury lawyer who will make certain that you are not taken advantage of, and that you get the full compensation you are entitled to.

Advantages of Hiring a Fairfax DUI Defense Attorney – What You May Face if You Don’t

People who have been arrested have all kinds of excuses for not hiring a capable Fairfax DUI defense attorney.  Everything from “I can go to court on my own” to “I will pay the fine and go on with life” are reasons that many individuals have faced severe consequences.  The fact is, driving under the influence is a criminal offense, and one that is not taken lightly today as it may have been a decade or so ago.

Perhaps you think you’re “done for” because the police officer said you were over the legal limit.  Maybe you put a DUI in the same category as a speeding ticket, that you pay the fine and it will just go away.  Neither is true; police do not know everything, and it must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty.  You can pay the fine, but other consequences of a DUI conviction will haunt you for years, such as having a criminal record or increased insurance rates.

Fairfax DUI defense lawyers know that the consequences can be extremely harsh, particularly for those who are repeat offenders.  Even a first offense will leave you facing a $250 fine if convicted, and you will be required to have an ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle.  A second offense that occurs within five years of a first offense means a fine of $500, revocation of your driver’s license for three years, and a mandatory jail sentence of 20 days.  Subsequent offenses carry penalties that become even more severe.

What can a Fairfax DUI defense attorney do to protect your legal rights?  Your lawyer should be skilled and experienced, thoroughly knowledgeable in the laws of DUI.  A seasoned attorney knows that missteps are often taken in the course of an arrest.  Police may not have had reasonable suspicion to stop you; blood and/or breath tests may not have been administered or handled properly.  The prosecutor must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, which is what your defense lawyer will work to prevent.

You can simply plead guilty and face the consequences, putting your reputation, career and future in jeopardy, or you can fight the charges by hiring an aggressive Fairfax DUI defense lawyer.  There are also other extenuating circumstances that may leave you facing additional punishment, such as whether you were charged with reckless driving, were under 21 years of age, or caused an accident.  Regardless of your situation, it’s to your advantage to consult with an experienced DUI defense attorney right away, before answering any questions posed by law enforcement.

How Settlement Loans Help Injury Victims Financially

Have you been injured because of another party’s negligence?  You may be tempted to settle out of court, but beware – you will NOT be awarded the full compensation you are entitled to from the insurance company.  This is where settlement loans come in.  When you file a lawsuit, you will find that between attending court proceedings and possibly being unable to work due to your injuries, your financial resources disappear quickly.  However, it is to your advantage to file a lawsuit, because a skilled attorney can usually obtain the full compensation you deserve.  Litigation funding is a process that is easy, worthwhile financially, and puts you at no risk whatsoever.

Injured victims often face financial issues that are so severe they could possibly be facing bankruptcy.  Considering the subtantial medical costs, lost wages and legal fees, a settlement loan can be extremely beneficial.  A loan is not really a “loan,” but a cash advance against the settlement you expect to receive.  This advance is typically about 10% of your expected settlement.  If you expect to win $150,000, a litigation financing company would likely advance you around $15,000.  This money can help you pay household bills, buy groceries, meet medical expenses and more while you wait for your lawsuit to settle.

How much does it cost upfront?  Nothing at all.  Litigation financing companies will not approve your advance unless they feel that you have a very strong, solid case.  Your attorney will submit the application, which pertains only to the circumstances surrounding the accident and your injuries.  There are no employment, background or credit checks to worry about.  Once submitted, the settlement funding company usually makes a decision the same day; you can have your money the next morning if you qualify.

Settlement loans are also non-recourse, which means that in the event you are not awarded the settlement  you expect, you do not repay the loan.  Essentially, if this happens you have been given free money!  However, if you do win, you only repay the loan when you actually receive your money.  Should you choose structured settlement payments, you can use those payments to repay the lender.

It can be tempting to just take what the insurance company offers and run with it, but you are cheating yourself.  Insurance companies never pay injury victims the full amount they deserve.  By filing a lawsuit, your lawyer can use his skill and experience to secure the full compensation you deserve for medical costs, pain and suffering, lost wages (and possibly future income) and more.  Settlement loans allow you to live normally without constant money problems while your attorney fights for justice.  Talk to your attorney today about litigation funding, to see if it may be the right solution for you.

Fairfax Criminal Defense Attorneys Work Diligently to Protect the Rights of Those Arrested for Crimes

Have you been arrested for DUI, shoplifting, assault, drug possession, embezzlement or any other criminal offense?  If you have, or even if you are being investigated but have yet to be charged, it’s imperative that you speak with a capable Fairfax criminal defense attorney right away.  Regardless of how minor or serious the crime may seem, you could be facing severe consequences without the assistance of a skilled lawyer.  Jail time, steep fines, a criminal record and loss of your reputation are just a few examples of the punishment you may be facing.

Criminal defense lawyers in Fairfax have the skill and knowledge to fight the charges against you, and reach a favorable outcome.  Without competent legal counsel, the chances that charges will be dismissed or reduced are slim.  Your attorney will investigate the charges, analyze the evidence against you, review police reports and question arresting officers, interview witnesses and use his or her skill and experience to your advantage, building a strong and effective defense strategy.

Depending on the nature of the charges against you, it’s possible that you could lose your driving privileges, gun ownership rights or even a professional license.  Often, an individual may be charged with multiple offenses at the same time; this means harsher punishment, possibly a lengthy stay in prison.  Most individuals who are arrested have no idea what they face, or how the criminal justice system works.  Your Fairfax criminal defense lawyer will guide you through the process, answer your questions, and work with you to determine the best possible course of action.

Community service and probation are other penalties you may face depending on your own unique circumstances.  Other than being sentenced to months or even years in prison, having a criminal record for life is often the most devastating penalty, as it can affect your current career, your ability to secure employment in the future, even whether or not you qualify for housing or a student loan.

Fairfax criminal defense lawyers know that without a talented attorney on your side, prosecutors will stop at nothing to ensure you face the maximum sentence for the offense you have been accused of committing.  Many people make the mistake of not hiring legal counsel because they feel they simply cannot afford it.  The fact is, you cannot afford NOT to hire an aggressive, qualified attorney when you are arrested for a crime.

Innocent or guilty, never take your future into your own hands when it comes to the criminal justice system.  If you or a loved one have been arrested for any type of crime, it is critical that you consult with a compassionate criminal defense attorney in Fairfax immediately, so that your lawyer can begin work on your case right away in order to have the charges against you reduced or even completely dismissed.  Without capable legal counsel, your future literally hangs in the balance.